Youth Centre Herceg Novi: “Herceg Novi – friend of youth”

NGO: Youth Centre, Herceg Novi
Title of the project: Voluntary service “Herceg Novi – friend of youth”
Amount granted: € 14,600.00

Youth CentreYouth Centre from Herceg Novi is an organization that exists from 2003, dealing with a prism of activities for youth, but mainly with children/youth deprived of parental care from Children’s home from Bijela, Roma children including youth that had deviation in behavior, mostly on voluntary bases.

When it comes to issues of the youth, the organization is very famous in the community as proactive, very pervasive but not too verbose, considering public promotion. Youth Centre kicks in during mayor cultural events devoted to youth (“Cake for a smile”- devoted to the children from orphanage in Bijela, traditional Manifestation of Children’s carnival) since its establishment.

The objective of opening the first Voluntary Service in Montenegro is to improve the situation in civil society, exchange and building of civil society in Montenegro through creation of better social situation for vulnerable groups, in this case, youth (orphanages, Roma youth, youth with deviation in behavior).

Youth Centre is one of the rare pro-active organizations from the south part of Montenegro. They hog the limelight when youth are issued, gingerly legging up all the initiatives of youth population.

Scrutinizing the mindset of surge of ideas, they meticulously “put the ears on the ground” in endeavoring for the best ideas and solutions in behalf of children.

Appreciating an eight year operation and achieved results of this organization, municipality of Herceg Novi, but local private entrepreneur as well, offered two sites in the town centre for premises of this organization, in order to obtain sustainability.

This organization can say that they are promoter of youth activism when it comes to the south part of Montenegro.