Wrapping up Corporate Philanthropy Results for June

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Today, we provide you with further details on what happened in corporate philanthropy during June 2013, completing our overview by providing country-level detail for Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia.


  • RoMed Kliniked, a medical facility in Germany, partnered with the Rotary Club to donate medical equipment worth 10,000 EUR to the Pristina Clinical Center.


Corporate sector support focused on two key areas during June – 1) support to schools and centers for children with special needs and to hospitals, and 2) calling on customers to donate either cash or clothing through campaigns supported by the companies themselves

Schools and Hospitals

  • VIP Mobile donated a CTG apparatus and a number of fetal monitors to the Skopje Gynecological Hospital.  This donation of equipment was valued at nearly 9,000 EUR (550,000 MKD)
  • The Remedika private hospital announced a donation to the Center for Children with Down Syndrome during a charity bazaar organized at Skopje’s City Mall.
  • Reflekfarm, a pharmaceutical company, organized a graduation party for students of the Sv. Naum Ohridski high school for rehabilitation and education, as part of larger program of support for orphans and children with special needs.
  • The BiMilk Dairy in Bitola donated 110 packages of milk to the 11 Oktomvri Orphanage in Skopje
  • Tineks Supermarkets and the Rotary Club of Skopje teamed up to donate a Bactalert diagnostic apparatus to the Kozle Children’s Hospital in Skopje.

Calls for Donations

  • Sparkasse Bank (an Erste subsidiary) called on its customers to donate to a fund to be used for summer holidays for 30 children from the SOS Children’s Village
  • Alfa Banka, in partnership with the Macedonian Red Cross, placed 6 clothing collection containers and 15 cash donation boxes in their branch offices, encouraging customers to donate cash and clothing for people living in poverty


Two sub-categories of giving dominated the press reports of corporate philanthropy in Montenegro:  humanitarian support for families in need and support to public institutions and schools.

Humanitarian Support

  • Banka Hrane Montenegro was quite present during the month, with more than 15 media reports focusing on their collaboration with a variety of companies to deliver needed food to families in need, including:
    • With the Bar Kod company, delivered 700 kilograms of cheese and canned goods to Roma families.
    • With Yes Event and PG Sound, delivered humanitarian support collected during a concert to both the Petrić and Gašić families.
    • With Maxi Markets, delivered food collected in Maxi stores to the Muratović family as well as to refugee families living in the MUP Barake collective center in Ulcinj.
    • With TV Vijesti and Mercator, launched a new donation campaign called Priključi se, with an immediate call for donations for Knežević family.
    • With Societe Generale, launched a food collection drive in all of the bank’s branch offices in Montenegro.
  • The Normal Company donated beds, tables and AC units to the Red Cross Montenegro for further distribution to families in need throughout Montenegro.

Institutions and Schools

TV Vijesti launched a new TV feature called Svi smo jedan tim that will follow the restoration of 29 outdoor basketball courts in schoolyards throughout Montenegro. Donations and support for the project were given by Erste Bank, the Petrović Njegoš Foundation, Elektroprivredom Crne Gore, Elan, Cerovo, Neck, Porto Montenegro, Studio Moderna, the Foundation for Active Citizenship (fAKT) and the Ministry of Education.

  • Hypo Alpe Adria bank donated 500 books to the best students in several schools.
  • Telekom donated 15 TVs and a free one-year subscription for ExtraTV packages to 15 kindergartens in Montenegro.
  • Merkur insurance company donated school bags to children participating in activities at the Podgorica Resource Center for Children and Youth.
  • Knjaz Miloš beverage company donated 15,000 EUR to the Center for Child Development Counseling at the Montenegro Clinical Center Montenegro.  The donation will used for remodeling the premises of the center.
  • Mikel F Jewelers launched its Life is Brilliant project, committing 10% of all its sales to the Montenegro Clinical Center in Podgorica.
  • A charity action in Budva in support of the Mladost Children’s Home was successful is raising 826 EUR in cash, 600 EUR via bank account, 12 bags of clothing, toys and shoes, and 200 EUR worth of products from each of three companies: Mega Market, Franca and Akva Bianka.


The concentration of corporate support to state-run schools, medical facilities and other institutions continued as a trend in Serbia as well, although a profile of a small business campaign to feed the hungry and of organized volunteerism were reported during June as well.

Small Business Humanitarian Action

  • Solidarna Klopica, the online campaign to bring small bakeries and cafes together to offer their customers the opportunity to purchase food for customers who cannot afford it, was profiled.

Corporate-Led Volunteeerism

  • Unilever organized the clean-up of a number of elementary schools as well as at four NURDOR homes throughout Serbia.
  • Over 500 employees of Procredit Bank decorated kindergartens throughout Serbia during a weekend action as part of their Energija na delu initiative.
  • Employees of Prva Srpska TV volunteered at the Dr. Miroslav Zotović Clinic, a clinic treating children with cerebral palsy. Contestants of Prvi Glas Srbije joined in the volunteer action.
  • Employees of Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceutical company volunteered to redecorate the garden of the Gerontology Center in Niš, and also donated several wheelchairs and other needed items


  • The Dečja radost kindergarten in Vranje opened its refurbished playground as part of the Veliko Srce campaign, a partnership between EFG Eurobanka and the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.  Additionally, the Laguna publishing house announced its plans to donate 250 childrens’ books to every kindergarten renovated under the program.
  • CLN Serbia donated gift packages with toys for children attending the Ljubica Vrebalov kindergarten in Požarevac.
  • Iton Elektrik donated automatic electric fuses to the Radivoj Popović elementary and high schools in Sremska Mitrovica.

Medical Facilities

  • B92 Fund, through its Battle for the Maternity Wards (Bitka za Porodilišta) campaign, was successful in garnering the following donations from the corporate sector:
    • NIS and Agroposlovi donated equipment to the neonatology department of Subotica Hospital.
    • NIS donated further medical equipment to the maternity ward at the hospital in Vranje and a fetal monitor to the Kikinda Health Center.
    • Telenor Foundation, Đak Sport, and the Kupina Grupa donated equipment to the Center for Gynecology and Obstetrics and to the Children’s Internal Clinic in Niš.
    • The Jura Corporation donated 30,000 EUR worth of equipment to the Center for Gynecology and Obstetrics in Niš.
    • Ivančić i Sinovi also donated funds for the purchase of maternity ward equipment.
    • Alfa Bank donated neonatology apparatus to the Kruševac Health Center
  • Holcim, through the NGO Naša Srbija, donated equipment worth 30,000 EUR to the Dr. Vukašin Čupić Institute for Maternal and Child Health Care.
  • The Univereksport company donated 2,000 packages of diapers and moist towelettes for distribution to female patients at the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics in Betanija.
  • Fiat Automobiles Srbija donated 54 Fiat Panda to health centers throughout Serbia to be used for the improvement of the quality of care and life for patients with malignant diseases.
  • The Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia, in cooperation with an Italian humanitarian organization, donated a fully equipped ambulance vehicle to the Aleksinac Health Center
  • Delta Generali insurance company donated a defibrillator to the Center for Gerontology in Novi Sad.

Other Public Institutions

  • Delta Foundation, Florida Bel and the Dream Riders Motorcycle Club delivered 100 jumbo packages organized an afternoon of hanging out with children living in the SOS Dečje Selo.
  • Jaffa donated 10,000 jaffa cakes to children living in the SOS Dečje selo in Sremska Kamenica.
  • Imlek donated dairy products four orphanages: Drinka Pavlović,    Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Moše Pijade and Dragan Filipović Jusa, as well as to NURDOR and to the Sveta Petka Monastery
  • Hemofarm Foundation donated all of the clothing and shoes collected during its two-month collection campaign to the 1 Oktobar Home for Children with Mental Illness
  • Coca-Cola announced its plans to fund the building of 45 outdoor gyms throughout Serbia.
  • The Letač construction company donated an access ramp for persons with disability to the entrance of the Dr Đorđe Natošević Library in Inđija.
  • Knjaz Miloš donated water to the Serbian Border Police
  • Henkel Company donated 25 security alarm units to Centers for Social Welfare throughout Serbia.
  • Apatin Brewery donated equipment and furniture to rehabilitate the Town Beach along the river through the city of Čačak as part of their “Jelen za lepšu Srbiju” campaign.

Source: Philanthropyposts, Author: Nathan Koeshall