Venture Philanthropy Survey


The European Venture Philanthropy (VP) and Social Investment (SI) sector continues to evolve rapidly and becomes more sophisticated in the use of instruments to generate greater impact on society.

In 2011 the average annual financial spend per VP/SI organisation increased with 27% compared to 2010. This is one of the results revealed by a survey conducted by the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA). This is the second edition of the most comprehensive survey on Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment organisations based in Europe.

Amongst the results of the survey are the increasing focus of VPOs on the financial return of their investment and the increasing range of tools that are being used by VPOs to generate societal impact (focus on impact measurement, co-investment, capacity-building, etc.). For more information on the survey, please consult the original article on the EVPA website and the graphs of key results of the study or download the full survey.

Source: balkancsd.net