We also invest significant efforts and resources into supporting CBOs capacity development beyond grantmaking, by providing them with learning opportunities in various methodologies, approaches and techniques for addressing issues of common concern; the program also promotes and supports knowledge and best practices transfer in the country and the region.

To that end, in the course of 2009, fAKT was providing continuous support to its grantees and applying organizations: we brought together 33 CSOs at two events we organized. The events provided participating CSOs with an excellent opportunity to learn, and exchange experience, lessons learned and results, at the same time serving to encourage and improve cooperation among CSOs:

• We organized 3-day training in June 2009, on “Participatory strategic planning for sustainable development of communities, organizations and social care services”. The training was attended by 25 representatives of 14 NGOs supported (or applying NGOs) through Social Transition Program, and served to build their skills and knowledge needed for planning the development of social care services.

• In December 2009, we organized for the second time Grantees Annual Forum – this year it had regional character, gathering 13 Montenegrin NGOs (supported through Social Transition program in the past two years), and 6 NGOs from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The forum served to exchange experiences about the role of civil society in the process of social transition in the region, and to support civil sector positioning in the area of social policy. Participating NGOs were also given an opportunity to discuss cross-border cooperation – its areas and content, as well as competitiveness of services provided by NGOs.

• In 2010 we have organized a nine day training (3 modules with 3 days each) on participatory strategic planning, for the organizations that received support through our grantmaking programs. The training aimed to educate participants on methods of planning programs and services for their final beneficiaries. First module was organized on 18-20. March in Podgorica, second module was organized in Becice (budva) on 16-18. April and the third module was organized in Budva on 25-27. June 2010.

• In January 2011, we organized for the third time Grantees Annual Forum, in order to support exchange of experiences of civil society organizations acting in the field of social transition, to discuss intersectoral cooperation and reform of social care services in Montenegro