Through grantgiving programs (grant programs) Fund for active citizenship – fAKT supports the initiatives of civil society, that in a creative and effective way initiate resolution of problems that citizens face in their communities, and that actively involve citizens, by using local resources and potentials.

Special attention is paid to the initiatives that demonstrate the potential to bring positive change and encourage new ones, as well as those that can serve as models of good practice.

Fund for active citizenship – fAKT has initiated a development program, in order to strengthen the capacity of civil society, by focusing on organizations that are supported through our grant programs.

In order to meet the needs of civil society in Montenegro, special attention is given to a Forum of CSOs whose projects are financially supported by us. The Forum is organized at the end of each calendar year, with the aim of experience exchange between the organizations, and to provide our better insight into the needs of the sector and the challenges faced by the civil society organizations.

Also, in our future work special attention will be given to capacity building for participatory strategic planning, networking and experience exchange between the social actors.

Our commitment, as a non-profit foundation, is to serve the public interest and public good, and thus we are inspired to invest greater attention and efforts into philanthropy development in Montenegro. As a first step in this direction, with support from the Foundation Open Society Institute, we have released a study “Examples of philanthropy in Montenegro by the end of the twentieth century” by Dragutin Papovic. Our aim in this field is to encourage the revival and development of values ​​such as solidarity, humanity and philanthropy in the society.