Program of support to youth initiatives: “Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship”

Training:Local Action Planning and project cycle management

obuka, TIVAT 2015 b

Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT organized two day training for civil society organizations through the project of support to youth initiatives, ” Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship ” funded by the US Embassy (Democracy Commission Small Grants Program).

Two-day training in Local Action Planning for selected youth was held at the hotel Palma in Tivat in the period 8-9 November 2015. There were selected representatives of 9 NGOs / non formal youth groups. These 9 selected organizations were from 5 montenegrin Municipalities (Budva, Cetinje, Niksic, Pljevlja and Podgorica). Out of these 9 organizations there were 4 non formal groups and 5 NGOs.

Gallery-training, “Local Action Planning and project cycle management” (Tivat, 8th-9th November 2015)

Trainers for this event are youth policy experts from Forum MNE.  Trainers engaged to provide Local Action Planning were: Tamara Čirgić and Elvira Hadžibegović Bubanja.

Forum MNE is one of the leading youth NGOs in Montenegro, recognized for its quality youth work and strong outreach to a number of young people in a many communities throughout the country.

Eighteen young people out of these 9 organizations were selected to participate in two-day training in Local Action Planning.  After the training finished, participating youth groups were invited to develop and submit their full project proposals with deadline to 30th November 2015. fAKT will provide further technical assistance and consultations to these youth CSOs.

Partnership on this project has been established with the Office for Youth and Sports (Directorate of Youth and Sport).

There were selected following NGOs / informal groups’ representatives to participate in the training on abovementioned program:

Training list of participating organizations
br. Grad NVO/Neformalna grupa
1 Podgorica Neformalna grupa Gradio
2 Niksic Neformalna grupa mladih psihologa
3 Pljevlja Da zaživi selo
4 Podgorica Neformalna grupa Unity
5 Podgorica NVO Brljok
6 Podgorica Odred izvidjaca Njegos
7 Cetinje Ucenicki parlament gimnazije Cetinje
8 Podgorica NVO Unija srednjoškolaca Crne Gore
9 Budva NVO Agora

Objectives of the training:

To improve capacity of youth to actively, effectively and responsibly participate in community life and development.

The following activities are covered:

  • Explainparticipants’allthe initiatives plannedfor theyouth supportprogram
  • To inform participants with the basic aspects in planning local actions with special emphasis on the involvement of youth from the local community in all stages of the local action
  • To introduce participantsto the stepsin theproject management in order to implementtheir projectsin the local communities tothemost efficient and effectiveway.
  • Providegroup and individualreflectionon the process ofadopting knowledge and skillsduring the training;
  • Identify fields for further personal and professional development of participants.