Parents of Montenegro

NGO: Roditelji Crne Gore (Parents of Montenegro)
Project title: School of Parenting
Amount granted: € 6,106

ParentsVery young organization established in July 2011. The objective of this NGO is promotion and development of parental and children rights. Organization is based in Podgorica and has intention to expand throughout Montenegro. Also, through web portal www.roditelji.me acts in whole teritory of Montenegro and in the region.

Project “School of parenting” was focused on increasing parenting skills and knowledge via series of thematic workshops led by experts, and provision of counseling for parents. At the same time, the project aimed in raising public awareness of the importance of parental role and promotes parental organizing and activism on relevant issues.
This project promoted a rare service in Montenegro- School of parenting and realized 10 workshops for parents (about 20 parents attended the school) on different topics for parents of pre- school children.

Very important manual was also produced within the activities: “School of Parenting: A Guide of Parents of Pre-school Children”. Manual (1000 copies) available to the wider public, contain info about role of parents with its theoretical and practical advices to parents. All their activities followed the engagement of great number of volunteers.

This NGO had great communication with media what reflected on very frequent newspaper articles and TV appearance related to their activities.

Through implementation of the project they created ideas for new activities and there is the possibility to expand the ideas to other cities improving the quality of life of children in the family.