NGO Heart, Mojkovac

Name of the organization: NGO Heart, Mojkovac
Title of the project: Give us a hand
Amount granted: € 5,708.00

srceAssociation of the handicapped “Heart” was formed in 2002 by several citizens of Mojkovac and it acts on a local level. They deal with improvement of disabled persons’ status within all spheres of society. It is important to emphasize that the founders of Association are disabled themselves.

Mojkovac is small underdeveloped municipality in the northern part of Montenegro, with10.066 residents. It is a community with emphasized prejudices against this population. The prejudices are not evident with citizens only, but also present with the families themselves whose child, parents, sister or brother is a person with disability

Complete and timely informing of persons with disabilities would stimulate representatives of local authorities, private sector, colleagues from other associations, not to consider persons with disabilities as persons less worthy, but as persons that have the abilities and capacities to be active actors of society. Introducing with legislation, best practice examples within region, would contribute to realization of existing legal obligations with more responsibility and professionalism and contribute to creating conditions for passing of new regulations.

They have planned continuation of legal counseling and the very members recognized a need to enlarge the field of counseling and to include doctors, sociologists and psychologists.

Members of this organization are extremely motivated, sensitized, which is undoubtedly one of theirs strengths. The way of realization of activities is in accordance with capacities of organization.