New Opportunity in Novi, Herceg Novi

Name of organization: New Opportunity in Novi, Herceg Novi
Project title: Our ID Card
Amount granted: € 14,925.00

New Opportunity in NoviMaking efforts to provide support to disabled people with establishing mini facilities for digital printing, New Opportunity from Herceg Novi, although young organization, quickly became well-known as good practice example in Montenegro.

With already established cooperation with local Employment Agency and local government, and support secured from CNF and Foundation Open Society Institute, members of this organization knit all stakeholders with a common goal – prevent social exclusion of person with disabilities and provide them conditions for being useful members of community.

Seven young people with developmental dysphasia and elements of autism and lighter form of Down syndrome, with preserved residual work capacity, now have working time, producing various forms of printed material, such as business cards, calendars, leaflets, etc.

Model that is set by realization of this project is unique in the country and therefore attractive in the context of following the current issues of integration of disabled people in the community. The award given to the New Opportunity on behalf of the municipality of Herceg Novi – for the best practice example in 2010, within the area of improvement of status of vulnerable groups- speaks for itself.

Feeding this approach, with ears on the ground considering needs of this group, they become a milestone for other similar organizations as know-how model.

The main idea for future actions is to create center for professional training of disabled people and they certainly become the one of the kind, exemplifying the steps forward for future actions of disabled people. What they made is certainly social enterprise.