Morakovo: Cluster development and formation of Local Action Groups

Program: De Facto Active
Organization: NGO Morakovo, Nikšić
Project title: “Developing clusters and forming Local Action Group in Zupa”
Approved amount: 8.410 €

The aim of the project is to form the Agro-tourist Cluster in Niksic Zupa. The cluster has brought together all the key stakeholders from the community, such as: Local-tourism organizations of Niksic, Danilovgrad and Kolasin municipalities,”Bor-trade” ltd, NGO ”Dani drenjina”, a Catering facility “Centar” from Zupa, “Moj san” from Lukavica, a local business for pie and pastry from integral flours “Jugo-pek” Zupa as well as the farmers Dendic, Cvorovic, Pekovic, Nikolic, Mitrovic, Sundic, Bojovic, Zecevic, Marojevic who all come from Zupa.

In addition to its influence on the local community, the project has contributed to the promotion of clustering in Montenegro though promotional materials, study visits and a media campaign, so the number of clusters increased from 14 to 27.

The project also contributed to the formation of the first Local Action Group (LAG) in Montenegro, the LAG “Zupa”, as well as to strengthening the organization’s capacity through a volunteers training, strengthening trust between the organization and local institutions, as well as improving knowledge and skills to raise funds from local sources.