Lack of premises, the key issue for youth activism


Forum of youth organizations named “Youth Leadership = Active Citizenship” was held on May 19th, 2016 in Podgorica, organized by Fund for Active Citizenship with the support of the US Embassy. This event gathered 18 (eighteen) youth organizations from Montenegro and on this occasion, beside the part of its representation, the floor was open to address main problems considering youth activism. In diversity of youth acting, such as: cleaning action, blood donation, organization of culture programs, youth club opening, ending with significant contribution to development of the new Strategy for Youth, and in awaiting  the adoption Of the new Law Enforcement for Youth, some of the key issues were highlighted that youth is facing with.

Executive director of the Fund for Active Citizenship -fAKT, Anica Boljevic emphasized the pleasure with youth activism so far and achieved results of Youth Forum participants. As she added, out of 297 supported projects that fAKT has funded so far, in the amount of 1,505,752.00 EUR, 111 funded projects had youth issue resolving as an objective. Boljevic said that only during last year for 22 initiatives of youth actions fAKT allocated 91,107.00 EUR referred to organizations dealing with youth issues.

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Despite the fact that a great deal has been done within the field of youth policy, lack of premises remains one of the key issues in stipulating youth activism.

According to the words of Krsto Vukadinovic, from the Directorate for Youth and Sports, resolving of premises issue in Podgorica, can be expected soon as Youth Centre is in its final phase of opening. Vukadinovic added that Montenegro made one more important step forward regarding regional cooperation and networking of youth NGOs as one of the members of Regional Office for Youth of Western Balkan, together with Serbia, Kosovo, Bosna and Hercegovina and Croatia.

Some of the recommendations that were emphasized during Youth Forum were related to better networking of youth as within formal or informal networks, the standard of youth services, better mutual connection and media appearances altogether with connection with the diaspora. On raised question: What are the main steps toward successful activism in Montenegro, all organizations were unique that only joint actions can provide visible results and improve a position of youth in Montenegro.

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