III TRAINING MODULE for CSOs, programme „De facto stronger“

Fund for active citizenship – fAKT organized two days training for OCD through the project “De facto stronger” financed by the European Union, through Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

Third Modul was held on topic “Fundraising and sustainability for non profits”. Training was organized in the hotel Crna Gora in Podgorica from 12th -16th December 2011. Participants of Module III were non-governmental organizations that participated in the first and second module of the same program.

The aim of the training:

• Education on development of competitive project proposals and guidance through the process of drafting the project proposal

• Understanding the role of corporate sector in the development of social services and sustainability of civil society organizations as providers of social services

Within Module III participants had following topics:

First topic –Project proposal development; Second topic – Corporate giving for social services provision

  • Topic 1 – Through this training  CSOs had opportunity to learn more about how to develop a good project proposal, focusing on project proposal on social services development in CSOs in Montenegro. In this manner, it is facilitating the creation of final project proposal that organizations will send to fAKT in the grant round.
  • Topic 2 – Corporate giving–Information about corporate giving to civil society organizations aimed to encourage CSOs to open to new sources of fundraising, those existing out of international donors community.

On third Module were present representatives of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore, (Eleonora Albijanić, head of department for external communication) and  AD Trebjesa, Nikšić (Natalija Milić, PR manager ). They had their exposure regarding CSR.