II TRAINING MODULE for CSOs, programme „De facto stronger“

Fund for active citizenship – fAKT organized two days training for OCD through the project “De facto stronger” financed by the European Union, through Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

Second Module was held on topic “CSO Organizational development in the context of montenegrin social welfare system”. Training was organized in the hotel Crna Gora in Podgorica from 15th -19th December 2011. Participants of Module II, were non-governmental organizations that participated in the first module of the same program.

The aim of the training:

Education on development of social services within the civil sector, based on key EU principles on social inclusion

Training covered the following activities:

• EU principles of social inclusion
• Project cycle in function of service development
• The objectives, methods and steps in the development of social services
• Drafting the Problem tree and Objectives tree
• Applying the standards of services
• Creation of Gantt chart of activities
• Creating logical framework matrix and defining indicators
• Sustainability of services
• The role of monitoring and evaluation, implementation and reporting

On second Module were present representatives of UNDP and the Secretary of the Secretariat for Social Welfare, City of Podgorica and had their exposure:

• Strategic and legislative framework for the development of social services in Montenegro, and the role of civil society; decentralization of services and the role of CSOs in providing social care: Snezana Mijušković, Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare – Capital of Podgorica
• Improve social inclusion and support to social welfare reforms – UNDP project: presentation of the project and experience in the development of social services at local level: Aleksandra Kiković, manageress of the program, UNDP

On the fourth day of training was present Jadranka Milić, Task Manager for Refugees, Human Rights, C. Society and Minorities, Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.