Home of Hope, Podgorica

Name of the organization: Home of Hope, Podgorica
Title of the project: I have a right to have a mum
Amount granted: € 14,760.00

Home of HopeThe organization itself has wide network of volunteers and support of distinguished community members; it has shown the ability to mobilize support from variety of sources (unlike majority of local NGOs), primarily in-kind (in providing temporary accommodation with a number of families throughout Montenegro, in securing material support to their activities, etc.)

Montenegro has specific problem that the state or other institutions do not provide any temporary accommodation for unmarried mothers with children until they find more permanent and adequate solution for their long term accommodation.

Single mothers may find themselves left literally on the street after they leave the maternity ward with the baby in arms, because they have nowhere to go-particularly if they are abandoned by their primary family. Being in very bad economic position and often requiring assistance such as legal, psychological, etc. which is not free in the institutional framework, makes these problem are more severe for them than for other categories of the population.

In order to resolve or alleviate the problem they proposed opening a temporary shelter and in the framework of their existing Office for assistance to unmarried mothers establish free legal assistance to single mothers with children in order that they can more efficiently realize their rights.

Providing psychological assistance and support to unmarried mothers to keep their child is very important component in order to include them in social life and to make them independent – to provide for themselves and their child (economic independence).