Healthy Food Production, Niksic

NGO: „Healthy Food Production“, Niksic
Title of the project: ’’Youth for Everyone in the Community’’
Amount granted: € 4000.00

Repairing the roof of the Youth Centre

The organization was founded in 2002 with the focus on sustainable development of rural area and preservation of traditional and cultural values in Montenegro. They are active in the field of environmental protection, promotion of organic food production, and community mobilization around issues of common concern of agro-KT and rural tourism and community mobilization in regards to ecological problems. It was founded by a group of students of University of Montenegro, who wanted to contribute to the development of their community.

The project aimed to create space for meaningful leisure time activities for children and young people, in a rural area of Niksic municipality, where there were almost no cultural or sports events for the young. The organization’s young activities mobilized the community to adapt an old building into a youth center, and provide the space for organizing cultural and sport manifestations. Their long term objective is to prevent further depopulation of youth from this rural area.

Youth Centre opening

Youth Centre opening

This project improved the quality of living in the community and can serve as a model to other communities how they can create certain programs in order to activate people and to use existing space of some deserted building. Voluntary work and participation in renovating the building and assistance of local community Zupa, municipality of Niksic, local elementary school Dusan Bojovic, local companies, citizens of Zupa, sets a solid foundation for future activities of the Center and promises that the work of the Centre and gathering of youth in local community can be continued in future even without support of donors.