Fund for Active Citizenship (FAKT) this year’s is the winner of the Green Star


Fund for Active Citizenship received Green Star Award for supporting environmental protection. The award ceremony was organized by the Aarhus Centre of Niksic and Podgorica and the Agency for Environmental Protection, at the premises of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and it was supported by the OSCE Mission – Montenegro.

fAKT received this year’s award in the category of support civic initiatives and the environment.

– For or years, through Citizen Action program, fAKT provides support to different initiatives for improvement of the quality of the environment and encourages cooperation between citizens and civil society organizations. In 2014 fAKT have supported several environmental actions and campaigns, was stated by organizers.

Five year old Lara Maker is the youngest winner of the Green Star. She won the award in category for individual engagement, because she allocated all the money received on her fifth birthday for the action of planting 18 trees in the park at Stari Aerodrom in Podgorica.

“The Association of Gorica hill fans” received award in category for public engagement and carried outactivities. This association almost every weekend organized cleaning and afforestation activities at Gorica hill, promoting its values and also pointing out all the flaws in management. During 2014, the Association has implemented more than 25 actions on Gorica. All their actions were voluntary based.

In the category of Corporate Social Responsibility, the Award winner is “Deponija Podgorica” (dump utility company of the Capital), which is by its nature doing socially – responsible business, but it was also active in education of the public.

In Media coverage category, this year’s winner is Radio of Montenegro (National radio station), while in category for individual contribution to media coverage of environmental issues winner of the Green star is Marija Boskovic, journalist of TV PINK Montenegro.

In the category “Revitalization of abandoned spaces”, winners of the Award are Citizens’ Initiative – Revitalization of Cemovsko fields and Air club “Wings of Podgorica.”