Friends of kindergarten Djina Vrbica, Podgorica

NGO: Friends of kindergarten Djina Vrbica, Podgorica
Amount granted: € 3,915

djina-vrbicaOrganization is established in year 2010. Relatively new organization, but pretty devoted and active in promotion their aims and ideas. The main objectives of the organization are civic activity to improve conditions of children in kindergartens investing in youth and progress.

Due to lack of funds, Kindergarten “Gina Vrbica” was not able to continuously maintains the Kindergarten yard, which had as direct consequence devastation of space and yard equipment. Apart from ambient, that part plays the role of educational space, where are realized significant educational – learning activities.

By the project of this organization, great number of activities was realized with very modest funds. This is also due to the high engagement of the members of organization, great voluntary involvement of workers in the Institution, a lot of support of companies from Podgorica.

The organization succeeded to procure a lot of material and to repair existing equipment in the yard, planted some new trees, cleaned the garbage, painted the walls with nice creations, cut the bushes, repaired and put some new benches. They also organized exhibition of works made by children.
This project had a very positive effect and media were present during the all activities. Positive ambient was created and educators in Kindergarten encouraged in their work as well as children. It also raised awareness of the need to preserve and protect the environment and through support of companies promoted CSR.

Additionally, majority of citizens who live in near vicinity of this Institution were in a way involved and assisted on the project.