FORUM MNE, Podgorica (Forum Youth and Non-formal Education)

NGO: FORUM MNE, Podgorica (Forum Youth and Non-formal Education)
Title of the project: Youth Club Multi Cool-T
Amount granted: € 14,993.00

Forum-MNEForum MNE is one of the leading youth NGOs in Montenegro, recognized for its quality youth work and strong outreach to a number of young people in a few communities throughout the country. The goal of their ‘Multi Cool-T’ project is to secure existence of a youth club in local community Konik in Podgorica, and assist full development of potentials of young Roma as individuals and active citizens, which will contribute to poverty reduction and integration.

Through this project, FORUM MNE offers programs for quality spare time, awareness raising and education of youth to become active members of their community. The club offers open activities, tailored to young people’s needs and interests; it offers information, education, new experiences and skills acquisition, so to assist young Roma in growing up and their integration in the society. The club has two groups of activists that prepare community actions, as well as festivals that present young Roma as organizers, initiators, activists, implementers, and good role models for others.

This project is an integral part of Forum MNE strategy to develop youth work in each community in Montenegro. The work in more marginalized communities – such as Konik – is prioritized by the organization and also by society, as the results are more visible. Therefore, the youth club MultiCool-T is the one with most prospects for sustainability, although the municipal representatives are showing lack of understanding for this problem. Forum MNE keeps advocating strongly with both local and national authorities to provide incentives for youth initiatives, open youth clubs and develop strategies for youth issues.