Five De Facto Active organizations collected funds for the “matching grant”

Five out of 10 CSOs through the Program De Facto Active, succeeded to raise funds for “Matching grant” in their communities, even before the deadline. The following organizations have collected funds:









FUNDRAISING TARGET (expected matching) MATCHING GRANT –   doubled by fAKT




Cluster development and formation of Local Action Group  

€ 5,810.00


€ 2,600.00


€ 2,600.00

Our Future Niksic Volunteer service development € 6,592.00 € 2,145.00 € 2,145.00
Association of Parents of Children and Youth with Disabilities “Snail Shell” Budva Let’s equip the Snail Shell € 5,143.00 € 1,355.00 € 1,355.00
Active Zone Cetinje Community without barriers € 5,260.00 € 3,000.00 € 3,000.00
New Horizon Ulcinj Youth corner in Ulcinj € 7,104.00 € 1,803.00 € 1,803.00
TOTAL € 29,909.00


€ 10,903.00 € 10,903.00

The above mentioned civil society organizations (CSOs) have committed to raise funds in the amount of 10,903.00 euros and Fund for Active Citizenship-fAKT- doubles the same amount.

Organizations have collected funds through the support of 62 companies and over 101 citizens (not counting the donation boxes).

These 5 CSOs collected 19,621.00 euros for less than five months period. As a result, the total amount raised exceeds amount that CSOs targeted for “matching grant”. Therefore, funds for project activities of 5 organizations have increased by 30,524.00 euros.

From business sector was collected 16,437.00 euros while citizens/individuals donated 3,184.00 euros. These five organizations have sent 2315 requests for donations to the citizens and 196 requests for donations to the business sector.

Especially encouraging is the fact that one of these 5 OGD succeeded to raise targeted funds for the matching grant even for only 45 days of their activities.