First training module of “De facto Equal” program organized in Becici

In hotel “Residence” in Becici, from February 26 till March 02, fAKT has organized first training module within the program “De facto Equal”, which is supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro.

2014-02-27 10.11.43

The training was focused on the organizational development and project cycle management, in order to strengthen capacity of CSOs participating in the program: Center for Civil Liberties CEGAS (Podgorica), Pljevalja women space (Pljevlja), Civic Youth Initiative (Rozaje), 4Life (Podgorica), Our future (Niksic), Brain (Bijelo Polje), To vivify village (Pljevlja), NGO Network for Affirmation of the European integration process (Pljevlja), Nepsis (Niksic), Association of traditional crafts and skills and fostering intangible cultural NIT (Podgorica), New horizons (Ulcinj), Circle of Life (Podgorica), Association of the Blind of Bar and Ulcinj (Bar), Association Growing up Together (Danilovgrad), the Association for civil Society Development (Bijelo Polje), Center for Education of parents of children with speech and language disorder – LINK (Podgorica), Spark of life (Niksic), Center for Economic Policy (Podgorica), Hera (Pljevlja), Queer Montenegro (Podgorica), the National association of parents of children and youth with disabilities NARDOS – Montenegro (Podgorica), Nutritive (Pljevlja), Paradox (Pljevlja), SOS Hotline for Women and children Victims of Violence (Ulcinj), Paraplegic Association (Podgorica), the Association of Parents of children and youth with disabilities (Podgorica), Viva Vita (Pljevlja), Volunteers of Montenegro (Niksic), Women’s Alliance (Niksic), Center for multimedia production – CeZaM (Podgorica), Defendologija (Niksic), Children of Montenegro (Podgorica), the Environmental Movement Ozone (Niksic), Active zone (Cetinje), Psychological center ABC (Niksic), Punkt (Podgorica), Association of Parents (Podgorica), Youth Center Proactive (Podgorica), Association of multiple sclerosis (Bijelo Polje), Network of knowledge (Podgorica).

The next training module will be organized in period March 19-23.

More information on the program you can find here.