First TRAINING MODULE for CSOs, programme „De facto stronger“

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Fund for active citizenship – fAKT organized two days training for OCD through the project “De facto stronger” financed by the European Union, through Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

Training was organized under the Component 1: Capacity building of Montenegrin CSOs for developing sustainable organizations and long-term service providers:Subcomponent 1.1 Trainings (3 Modules covering: strategic planning and organizational development, development of social services within CSOs, project writing and organizational management and fundraising/cooperating with business sector).

First two -day module was held on topic “Organizational Development and Strategic Framework for non profits” – in period from 1st to 5th December 2011. Training was organized in the hotel Palma in Tivat. There were selected representatives of 30 CSOs; CSOs covering field of social services for the following categories: women victims of violence, social entrepreneurship, support to children without parental care, single parents, people with deteriorated speech and hearing; addict treatment; people with disabilities, children from families living below poverty line/beneficiaries of social subsidies, elderly, work with youth.

The objective of the training:

Education about the process of strategic planning, implementation and adoption of methods of participative planning process for sustainable development of the organization as provider of social services.

Following activities were covered by training:

  • The sectors and their role in community development
  • International NGO standards (Board, staff and volunteers, rules and procedures)
  • Organizational culture and the need for strategic planning
  • The process of  organization’s development strategic planning (goals, steps, methods, roles in the process)
  • Reasons for participatory approach in planning organization’s development
  • Creating vision of  community and organization development /Organization’s mission
  • Manage the work engagement of employees and volunteers,
  • The structure of organizations participating in training
  • Making SWOT analysis/ PESTE analysis/ The procedure for selecting the key elements of SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of programs and services
  • The strategy of communication with the environment, cooperation and partnerships: Analysis of social actors
  • Action Plan: strategic goals, operating results, indicators and actions
  • Communication and team building
  • Individual operating systems – estimating the individual effects of work
  • Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and PR

All CSO-s that participated on training individually, or associated with a group of related organizations practiced on developing methods and knowledge on Organizational Development and Strategic Framework of organization.

In relation to the technique of performing the training, participants expressed their satisfaction by possibility of interactive work on acquiring methods precisely to the field and target group where each of the participating CSO-s is engaged. Work dynamic of groups was satisfied and CSO-s pointed out that it affected them positively, and supportive.

The whole concept of training participants experienced as new one, concept that allowed them in appropriate time and with appropriate content to really acquire knowledge and produce results that in future would give effect to raising the quality of operation of the organizations.

Participants expressed their satisfaction:

-In relation to teamwork and exchanges of views and exchange of mutual expectations among CSOs, as well as joint work on analyzing problems, needs, possibilities…

-There is possibility of applying the adopted knowledge in work with beneficiaries and within the organization itself.

-At the end of the training the evaluation results made by the participants rated high score. Participants evaluated: the benefits of the training process for the organization and participants, training content, as well as the work of trainers.