Educational and entertaining summer program for children and youth

NGO “Don Bosco Centre” prepares and performs program “Let’s develop ideas and dreams through games”, which is designed for children and youth, especially those who come from socially vulnerable families.

This project is supported through the program De Facto Stronger” implemented by Fund for Active Citizenship (fAKT), and financed by the European Union, through the EU Delegation to Montenegro.

Program participants are children and youth between 7 to 18 years old. This program includes activities for children and youth with the aim of better use of free time during the summer holidays, and prevention and control of socially unacceptable behavior, as well as encouraging healthy and creative life styles.

The program includes a variety of activities and youth adopted activities, based on the needs and interests of young people, the principles of voluntary and active participation of youth in the learning process.

The program consists of:
– Summer oratorio
– Intensive foreign language courses
– Campus
– Community action

More information about the program, you can find here.