De Facto EQUAL (Project fact sheet)

Fund for Active Citizenship started realization of De facto EQUAL project, supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.


Expected results:
1. Initiated 11-22 new advocacy initiatives and/or services focused on needs of different underrepresented groups in Montenegro,
2. Organizational growth, capacity building and service provision quality increase in 40-50 CSOs,
3. Improvement of legal environment for participation of underrepresented groups and respective CSOs in political decision making processes on local and national level.
4. Members of underrepresented groups become part of local political decision making bodies in Montenegro.

Target group:
1. 11-22 CSOs recipients of sub-grants (5-10.000 EUR), 40-50 small sized CSOs participants of trainings, Representatives of national and 11-22 local authorities in Montenegro
2. 40-50 trained CSOs; local authorities that will receive new partners and service providers in local CSOs.

More information you can find here.