DE FACTO DEVELOPMENT: Selected organizations for participation in the program “Support to the growth of medium-sized CSOs”

15 CSOs applied on the Call for Participation in De Facto Development program (I Circle) – Support for the growth of medium-sized organizations and 6 (six) of them have been selected by the Steering Committee.

Among the 15 received applications, four were not evaluated because they did not meet the basic criteria. Two organizations did not send complete documentation (financial accounts), while two CSOs did not meet one of the budget requirements of the Call (the requirement for participation in the program was minimal annual budget of EUR 20,000).

From 11 organizations that were evaluated by the Steering Committee, 6 (six) CSOs (with highest ranking) that will participate in the Program are:

  • Udruženje roditelja djece sa teškoćama u razvoju „Zračak nade“ – Pljevlja
  • Ekološki pokret ,,OZON“
  • Udruženje paraplegičara Podgorica
  • Agencija za lokalnu demokratiju Nikšić
  • „Sjeverna zemlja“ Berane
  • Nacionalna asocijacija roditelja djece i omladine sa smetnjama u razvoju Crne Gore- NARDOS

Selected CSOs will receive a chance to participate in the training process, with 2 representatives per organization, as well as to participate in restricted Call for proposals for sub-grants within this program. Total available fund for this first Call/round is 40,000 EUR, with maximum 10,000 EUR per individual grant.

The training program for selected organizations is planned at the end of January, and the participants will be informed in a timely manner about the exact date and place of the training. Participation in the program is free, the organizer covers travel and food and accommodation expenses.

We use this opportunity to announce that the new call within the De Facto Development program will be announced in March 2018 – Support to the growth of smaller local CSOs in Montenegro (grant program for 11-16 CSOss from 5,000 to 7,000 euros per grant (80,000 for this grant program). In addition to financial support, this program component includes mentoring support for all program users (field visits and regular Skype meetings).

The De facto Development program is financially supported by the European Union within the IPA Civil Society Development Program 2016, the Civil Society Facility Montenegro Program.