DE FACTO DEVELOPMENT: First Call for participation

Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT is launching “De facto Development” program, which financially supported by the European Union, within the framework of the IPA Civil Society Development Program 2016, the Civil Society Facility Montenegro Program.

Within “De facto Development” program, we announce:


– Support to growth of emerging medium sized CSOs in Montenegro –

The global objective of the Call is:

To build capacities of CSOs to be reactive and efficient stakeholders that credibly represent interests of citizens and communities in Montenegro.

The specific objective of the Call is to build capacities of 6 medium sized organizations to become pro-active, competent and credible sectorial leaders within the field of their interests, primarily on local, but also on regional and national level.

By medium sized organizations, within the framework of this Call, are considered CSOs that:

  • Have relevant experience in the field of their mission, and
  • Have at least basic level of management structure, and
  • Have continuity in their work, despite unstable level of income and sources of funding, and
  • Show the capacity to fundraise from different sources.

Sectors and themes covered by this Call:

– Sustainable development and climate change

– Gender policies

– Social inclusion

– Volunteering

– Youth work and policies

As part of this Call for participation, 6 medium sized CSOs will be selected and will receive a four-day intensive training. Following the training, these CSOs will be invited to apply for funding/sub-grants though a restricted Call for proposals.

Eligibility criteria for selection of CSOs include the demand that applicant:

– needs to be a non-profit civil society organization,

– be a national of Montenegro

– must be registered at least 12 months prior to the deadline for submission of proposals

– has annual budget of at least 20.000 EUR

– has at least 2 members/employees with relevant experience (2 CVs will be demanded in order to determine level of competence and experience within the topic of CSO concern, as well as experience within civil society)

– has a defined organizational structure (not necessarily employees at the point of application)

– is preferably a CSO located outside of Podgorica

– will be directly responsible for preparation and management of the action

– the action must take place in community(ies) where CSO is located

Independent Selection Committee will select final 6 CSOs. Selected CSOs will receive a chance to participate in the training process, with 2 representatives per organization, as well as to participate in restricted Call for proposals for sub-grants within this program. Total available fund for this first Call/round is 40,000 EUR, with maximum 10,000 EUR per individual grant.

N.B.: Beneficiaries, which have signed contracts under IPA 2016 Civil Society Facility Montenegro Programme Call for proposals, are not eligible applicants under the sub-granting calls for proposals. (This restriction is applicable to all organizations benefitting from IPA 2016 CSF: lead applicants/coordinators and co-applicants/their partners)

More information about “De Facto Development” program you can find on this link.

More information about this Call you can find here.

Application package is available here.