De Facto Development – continuing to strengthen cooperation and joint action of civil society organizations

During the previous week (6-10th July 2020), we held three meetings with 17 organizations that act in the fields:  social inclusion, environmental protection and sustainable development, and youth work and policies. The aim of the meetings was to continue strengthening cooperation between organizations and defining possible joint initiatives and actions.

We discussed the current situation in the areas that organizations deal with, including the wider social context, as well as current activities and plans for the coming period. During the interactive discussions, organizations also talked about the challenges they face during the COVID19 epidemic and possible ways to overcome the obstacles that arise in the given circumstances. They also discussed the category of support that organizations need the most, taking into account the condition and implementation of activities in the coming period.

The contribution to discussion and planning of concrete initiatives for the following period was given by the organizations that work in the fields of social inclusion, environmental protection and sustainable development and youth work and policies, most of which have been participated in De Facto Development Program:

  • NARDOS – Nacionalna asocijacija roditelja, djece i omladine sa smetnjama u razvoju Crne Gore
  • Prvo udruženje roditelja djece i omladine sa posebnim potrebama, Podgorica
  • Zračak nade, Pljevlja
  • Oaza, Bijelo Polje
  • Staze, Podgorica
  • Djeca Crne Gore , Tuzi
  • Centar za prava djeteta, Podgorica
  • Preporod, Nikšić
  • Ekološki pokret OZON
  • Društvo mladih ekologa, Nikšić
  • Sjeverna zemlja, Berane
  • Aktivna Zona
  • Spektra
  • Udruženje mladih sa hendikepom Crne Gore
  • Savez izviđača Crne Gore
  • Mreža za promjene

The meetings were organized within the program “De Facto Development: Support to CSOs Growth and Leadership”, implemented by the Fund for Active Citizenship, with the support of the European Union and co-financing by the Ministry of Public Administration.

We would like to thank everyone for their active participation and effective discussion, and we believe that as a result they will have even stronger mutual cooperation, and greater visibility and influence.