De facto Active: First training module on fundraising organized for 30 CSOs

Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT organized 3 day training for civil society organizations through the project De facto Active, supported through IPA 2014 Civil Society Facility Montenegro Programme funded by the European Union through the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.



After the public call for CSOs participation in the project De facto Active and selection of CSOs, which met all the criteria for participation, the training program started. As planned, CSOs are divided in 2 groups of 15 CSOs in each.

First training Module was held in Kolašin, from March 21- March 25, 2016, on the topic (topic: Individual and corporate donations, theoretical background, fundraising techniques and examples).

The objective of this training module had focus to introduce participants with the activities or steps of fundraising process and defining the needs and problems to be solved by fundraising activities. These activities were based upon CSOs discussions with other participants and trainers. On this training module, participants continued to work on and discuss about their initial fundraising ideas. Their ideas were commented by trainers. Participants received feedback on their choices, possibilities, feedback on wording and terminology that should be used with potential donors and its eventual corrections.


1 Romska organizacija mladih Podgorica
2 Samohrani roditelji Podgorica
3 Montenegro education Podgorica
4 Narativ Podgorica
5 Odred izviđača „Njegoš“ Podgorica
6 Udruzenje roditelji Podgorica Podgorica
7 Proactive Podgorica
8 Djeca Crne Gore Podgorica
9 Društvo mladih ekologa Nikšić Niksic
10 Kolo srpskih sestara Niksic
11 Mreža za edukaciju i razvoj servisa podrške za OSI Niksic
12 Morakovo Niksic
13 Nasa buducnost Niksic
14 Civis Diversus Niksic
15 NVO Građanski kreativni centar Cetinje
16 Džonatan Livingston Cetinje
17 Aktivna zona Cetinje
18 Udruženje multiple skleroze Bijelo Polje
19 URCD Bijelo Polje
20 Fenomeni Kolasin
21 Gradjanska inicijativa mladih Rožaje
22 Društvo prijatelja Durmitora i Tare Zabljak
23 9 Decembar Danilovgrad
24 Crnogorsko društvo ekologa Danilovgrad
25 Udruženje Rastimo zajedno Danilovgrad
26 Mestar & Furesta Kotor
27 Udruzenje “Puževa kucica” Budva
28 Novi horizonti Ulcinj
29 Omladinski kulturni centar  OKC Herceg Novi
30 Udruženje fizioterapeuta Crne Gore Igalo

The whole concept of training participants experienced as a new one, concept that allowed them in appropriate time and with appropriate content to really acquire knowledge and produce results that in future would give effect in fundraising in local community.

Participants received appropriate insight in the fundraising principles, individual and corporate donors, and defined their capacities and got directions for further actions and development of personal and organization capacities. Participants expressed their satisfaction by possibility of interactive work on acquiring methods precisely to the field and target group where each of the participating CSO-s is engaged, and possibility of applying the adopted knowledge.

At the end of the training the evaluation results made by the participants rated high score. Participants evaluated the benefits of the training process for the organization and participants, training content, as well as the work of trainers.

Gallery-training, “Training on fundraising from individuals and companies for 30 CSOs” (Kolašin, 21th-25th March 2016)

Trainers were Vukosava Crnjanski and Mladen Jovanović, both with extensive experience in providing trainings, especially for these specific topics.

Evaluation of the I training module by trainers:

”During their work on first module, trainers observed that majority of the participants really adopted the knowledge and important steps and procedures; that they become more skilled in recognizing the problem and defining the objectives in activities. Progress in knowledge is evident, too, and the motivation to implement projects and work on community building fundraising actions.

It should be mentioned that was created a cohesive atmosphere within the groups, participants had explicit ideas for some actions in the communities where they are active.

 Evaluation of the I training module by participants:

These are some of answers given by the participants, to the question „what was the most important for you/what did you get from this training“: Acquisition of knowledge and experience; detailed explanations about fundraising principles, defining the needs and problems to be solved by fundraising activities, and examples of direct communication with individual and corporate donors; gained specific knowledge and skills, learned new and useful practical information. Training was the precise in explanations, and advantage were clear instructions, exchanged experiences and common ideas, methods and skills of trainers, a very good organization.