DAYS OF DIASPORA SOLIDARITY: Diaspora supported children with disabilities in Montenegro

Humanitarian action DAYS OF DIASPORA SOLIDARITY ‘FOR a happier childhood”, whose revenues are intended for children with disabilities in Montenegro was launched in early February, and its initiators are: Center for diaspora Montenegro, Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare , NGO “European Diaspora of Montenegro”. Satellite channel of the national RTCG provided media coverage.
The initiators of the action addressed, at the beginning of February, diaspora with an invitation to join the action. Diaspora showed great interest in joining the action and finally succeeded to provide funding of around 20,000€ in money and more than 30,000€ in goods to parental association of children with disabilities and Day Care centers throughout Montenegro..
The initiative received support from following associations: Plav-Gusinje Merhamet from Finnentrop (Germany), who on April 28th 2012 held a fundraising event and collected 3,130€; Association of Montenegro from France realized on Sunday, 20th May 2012. a fundraising event and succeeded to collect 1,700€. Montenegrin association “Montenegro Ljubljana” from Slovenia also joined the initiative in May, paid 500€ to bank account of the Association of parents of children and youth with special needs “Oasis” Bijelo Polje.
Montenegrin Association Belgrade also supported the initiative and on fundraising event organized on 18th May 2012. collected 700€ for NGO “European home” from Tivat. Country club “Bihor” Rumelange Luxembourg held fundraising event on 09 June 2012. and collected 3,450€ for NGO “Step of Hope” from Berane. Association MONTENET from UK organized a donor event on 25 June 2012. and collected 3,880€.
The initiative was also supported by Bosnian Cultural Center from Hanover, Frankish-Montenegrin society FRAMOG from Nuremberg (Germany) and Montenegrin Association from Cyprus.