Children of Montenegro, Podgorica

NGO: Children of Montenegro, Podgorica
Project title: “All together”
Amount granted: € 4,021.00
Program: Social transition – small grants program

Children of Montenegro1Established in late 2009.members of Children of Montenegro pursued the positive practice of a friendly ear that their predecessors had. Namely, with withdrawal of the international humanitarian organization Save the Children UK in Montenegro, its employees felt the need to continue the work that was based on protection of children’s rights. Therefore, the founders are former employees.

In order to cope better with tasks that are already set, goals of the organization is to apply the model of good practice in the field of social inclusion. That includes scientific and professional research, linking of institutions but in the spotlight is the implementation of specific activities in order to improve the social life of marginalized children, children with special educational needs and children in risk in Montenegro.

This project “All together” was envisioned as a model of the theoretical and practical approach, which included groups and individuals in order to create a system of positive values. Nourished by this approach, they worked on elimination or prevention of the risks of socially unacceptable behavior of children who often find themselves in juvenile crime.

Children of MontenegroWhen we talk about the results, the total number of included children with socially unacceptable behavior from two primary schools is 23 and 19 volunteers from the Grammar high school. Number of individual classes with students is 10 and when workshops are at stake, the number is 15. Using the method ‘work through the game’, volunteers succeed to made a balance and to extract the full potential of included students when cognitive, emotional and social development is in question.

“All together” is a pilot project in Montenegro and its title was justifiable as all stakeholders: children / students, parents, volunteers, teachers were included and it was assessed as very successful by the Ministry of Education, which gives credibility to the organization and greater confidence of relevant institutions.