Association of Parents of Montenegro, Podgorica

NGO: Association of Parents of Montenegro, Podgorica.
Title of the project: “Together in the community”
Amount granted: € 4,000.00

Association of ParentsAssociation of Parents proved to possess full capacity in the sphere of education. They have achieved significant results in their activities where they succeeded to provide community contribution in more than 50 projects.

The organization objective is to create better work conditions in Montenegrin schools. As a member of coalition of NGOs and having constant cooperation with NGOs that work on the rights of children they established successful cooperation with local institutions.

Project is promoting the CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility as a way of cooperation between business sector and schools and establishing interaction between parents, school, and local community, building capacity of 3 Parents’ Councils through education and concrete actions. Linking schools with successful business people from the local community, and through the involvement of parents, strengthens the awareness of belonging to a particular community. Joint actions easily lead to the solving problems that schools can not solve alone. These actions enable parents to know how to cooperate with the local community in order to present the problem of a school as a problem of the whole community and to present possibilities how that problem can be resolved. Business people who spent great funds in advertising their products and services, through participation in solving problems in specific schools achieve much stronger effect and create a much better image for themselves and become a signpost to other people aware of the importance of cooperation and coexistence. On the other hand, they achieve a greater degree of respect within the local community.

As a part of the activities, only at one donor evening at Primary School “Njegos”, entrepreneurs got involved and collected more than 10 000 EUR. Money will be used for school yard fence, construction of two school gates, school lighting etc. Actually, all these issues are listed as priorities.