Association of Multiple sclerosis

NGO: Udruzenje multipleskleroze (Association of Multiple sclerosis)
Project title: Psycho-social Support for People Living with Multiple Sclerosis and Their Families
Amount granted: € 6,193

MultiplesclerosisAssociation of Multiple Sclerosis was founded in year 2007 in Bijelo Polje. Association is providing support to people that suffer of Multiple Sclerosis and better living conditions for people living with Multiple Sclerosis and their families.They implement many activities in providing concrete assistance to their members in local community of Bijelo Polje.

Objective of the project was psycho-social support to people living in urban and rural areas of municipality of Bijelo Polje, who are suffering from multiple sclerosis and have difficulties in mobility, including support to their family members through education on physiotherapy for persons living with MS.

Their activities present a model to strengthen family support. But, not only model that is specific to their target group, but as a model that can be applied in other communities / target groups. Support of family is recognized as very important for continuity in rehabilitation. Families are further motivated and strengthened to support the rehabilitation of their members (organized more than 39 home visits).

Organization is recognized by Municipality officials as a good ally and partner, and offered full support. Municipality of Bijelo Polje secured transport and driver to provide services for beneficiaries in rural areas.

There is one more positive example of good cooperation with institutions. What is particularly significant is initiative of director of Bijelo Polje hospital. This initiative followed the project activities of Association of Multiple Sclerosis. During June 2012 director of Bijelo Polje hospital sent request to Minister of Health about the need to hire additional stuff and got approval in regard to have permit of home visits to patients in sector of physiotherapy.

TV documentary that was produced within the Project De facto stronger included success story of Association of Multiple Sclerosis from Bijelo Polje.

Quote from Lidija Guberinic after monitoring visit by fAKT, dated 09/07/2012:

„Our association had monitoring visit for the first time. We understood suggestions of fAKT team as valuable information in order to implement our project idea more successfully. Your visit was a kind of continuation in our learning. We want to thank you from heart as everything that we learned through the whole program was incorporated in our project initiative. Our mission is to improve the quality of life to people living with multiple sclerosis and our work has to reflect on value.
Lidija Guberinić“