Association of Gorica Hill Admirers: “Mediteranski vrt – Otvoreni Herbarijum”

Program “Philantrophy for Green Ideas”
Organization: Association of Gorica Hill Admirers, Podgorica
Project title: “Mediteranski vrt – Otvoreni Herbarijum”
Grant: 4.000 EUR

A group of citizens, the Association of Gorica Hill and nature Admirers, are formed in mid-November 2012 in order to protect and promote the natural potentials of the Gorica Hill and other green areas in the city area and country. A group of active nature lovers has set itself the task to stop devastation of the most visited recreational zone of the city, park and hill, Gorica through citizen actions, and to promote the active participation of citizens of all ages in order to preserve and valorize green areas in the city surrounding.

The Mediterranean Garden in Gorica is one of the projects that basically aim to preserve endemic species specific to this area and stop the further spread of invasive plant species. This botanical garden will be an incubator for its growth and development, as well as an oasis within which will be realized outdoor classes and teaching for children of pre-school and school age.

In addition to protection and valorization of existing flora and fauna, the Mediterranean Garden is enriched with new plantations of Brazilian jasmine, camellia and other Mediterranean plants that will adorn this area.