Analysis of Sustainability of Social Services

Analysis of Financing and Sustainability of Social Services and Inclusive Programs in the Community through the Activities of Non-Governmental Organizations: Findings and Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations

Analysis was prepared within activity of NGO NARDOS (National Association of Parents, Children and Youth with Disabilities in Montenegro), in cooperation with consultant Nives Radeljić, within the framework of the De Facto Development Project, “Support to CSOs Growth and Leadership”, funded by the European Union, through the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, IPA 2016 Civil Society Facility Program.

The consultative process ensured the participation of representatives of key stakeholders from the public and non-governmental sector, through individual discussions and round table discussion, organized on March 29, 2019. in Podgorica. The legal framework of the social and child care system and strategies in several areas, have been analyzed.

You can download the analysis on this link (version in Montenegrin).