Name of the project:  Action for Stronger CSO Voice

Start date: August 15, 2018

End Date: August 15, 2019

Project budget: (life of Project): $175,000

Implementer: Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT


Goal: To strengthen voice and influence of civil society in democratic participation and processes in Montenegro


Specific Objectives:

  • To support civil society organizations in developing and leading initiatives that support democratic development and human rights
  • To contribute to increased citizen engagement in affecting change at the local and national level


Priority areas/sectors and themes


  • Youth Empowerment and Outreach
  • Economic and Political Empowerment of Women
  • Empowerment of Disadvantaged and Marginalized Communities
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Countering Violent Extremism


Expected results


  • Up to 18 CSOs supported financially to implement their projects;
  • Contribution to increased CSOs visibility, credibility and legitimacy in advocating for and contributing to progressive social change;
  • Increased capacities and organizational growth of 8-13 small-sized community-based organizations, recipients of grants and mentoring, leading to improved practices regarding their constituency and ability to engage/mobilize broader community.